I was suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis from past many years. I was introduced to Charak by my aunt in September 2013, where Dr. Pande, after examination suggested me to undergo acupressure treatment, Manyabasti & Tiktakshir basti along with ayurvedic medicines.

At the time when I started the treatment, I was suffering from severe pain in my neck & was not able to move my neck at all.I started with the acupressure treatment in the month of December 2013. I have been taking acupressure treatment from Dr. Pande from last 1 year. In past 1 year the area of main focus of treatment has been reducing pain, stiffness, swelling,  stress & restoring the mobility of my neck. Although the effect was not immediate, the persistence of Dr. Pande has slowly but steadily improved my condition. The first & one of the most important effect of the treatment I got was it reduced the amount of pain by almost 100%. The reduced intensity of pain also helped me to concentrate more on my studies. It also helped to write papers during exams with much less pain. The acupressure treatment also reduced the swelling which has helped in bringing back movement of my neck. Next thing doctor started was with Moxibustion treatment for stiffness. The treatment also positively helped me in reducing the stiffness in my neck almost by 70%. Due to the nature of my diseases, however, I still suffer from little stiffness many times. This treatment has also helped in getting back the mobility of my neck. After going through a persistent treatment with Dr. Pande mobility of my neck has been restored to a certain extent, which has helped me to improve my efficiency in my day to day work & studies. Due to my exams, I was suffering from a lot of stress for which Dr. Pande started with Reiki treatment. The treatment has helped me in reducing stress levels. Finally, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Pande & the staff of Charak clinic for helping me immensely in managing the neck pain & improving my posture.


I was suffering from a very bad spur on my feet past 2 years. The calcaneal spur (or heel spur) was extremely painful. I tried all possible methods to cure it from steroid injections to physiotherapy, wearing all sorts of insoles but nothing worked for me.

My father recommended me to go to Dr. Pandey at Charak. I went with no expectation but I was amazed by the results. I went daily for a month and he performed the acupressure and acupuncture treatment with his magical hands and I got 90% cured.

I strongly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from this problem.

Thankyou Dr. Pandey. You are the best.


I am very thankful to you for treating my numbness in legs

For last 2 years I had been suffering from the same and allopathic treatment were not helpful, when I came to you I was quiet skeptical about the Ayurveda per se. Since last month I am under your treatment the numbness has gone down by 90%. I am relieved.

Thanks again


I had suffered an ailment in the hip joint due a major accident I suffered. Despite taking treatments at various places, I didn’t find any cure.

Then someone from my family suggested Charak as my Dad and aunt had already visited. The therapy here slowly and steadily gave me so much relief in my pain and helped me getting back to my old routine. Dr. Shweta’s guidance and the patrapottali treatment (ayurvedic therapy) let me back to my routine and I feel so much better.



I Sourabh V Madhav feeling better after coming to Charak Centre. I was under the treatment of Dr. Nigam. I suffered from stomach pain & bowel problem, after taking medicine at Charak Clinic I am feeling better.

The massagist Mr. Mangeshbhai is doing his job perfectly. after taking massage I feel very good & treatment Basti was very helpful for all my stomach problems. I have taken so many body massage but Mr. Mangeshbhai massage is the best one which I have experience.

Thanking you


I suffered from Slip disc and was under severe pain. After taking 16 days treatment at Charak Clinic I am feeling very  good and pain is not there. I am grateful to loving concern of staff & for guiding me so well.

When I started treatment that time I was miserable and was not sure whether this treatment will help me or not? But now I can say specifically for slip disc only Ayurveda is a cure.  I would like to visit Charak Ayurveda clinic regularly because treatments are very good and for any disease they have the solution.

Through my experience, I can guide many people those who are suffering from various types of pain.

I am thankful to Dr. Shweta, Dr. Pooja & Anusaya aunty because of their good concern and care now my disease is cured.


We, Haresh V Dani & Kalpana H Dani, both had been treated by Charak Health Centre last year in February 2014 and this year in April 2015 for 8 days course. We were consulted by Dr. Ninad Sathe. I, Haresh, had the gaseous/acidity problem and my wife Kalpana had knee pain and hip pain.

For last one year, our problems have been reduced from 100% to 30%. Current treatment we have taken in April 2015 is just for the safer side to keep body fit and due to our faith in Charak Health Centre.

We do recommend people who are not aware of ayurvedic benefits to treat them through Charak.  We both are thankful to Charak.


I Mayur V Madhani, feeling better after coming to Charak Centre.  I was having no sense in nose, after doing Nasya massage by massages Mr. Mangeshbhai. I am feeling very nice. I feel I have got my smelling power again. I feel good Mr. Mangesh is very calm and having good patience. He is very good in his therapy. This was my best experience at Charak.


I have been undergoing treatment for the last 15 acupressure sessions with you, and, would like to highlight my experience of the same as under:

  1. I came to you with a specific problem of my left hip being imbalanced and not being aligned with my right hip. You were the only Doctor who gave me to understand that the same is due to a gall bladder and a liver issue. Over the course of 15 days, my hip shape started changing, and, it started coming into balance.
  2. I also started seeing a positive change in my issues of hormonal imbalance. I have suffered from PCOD, insulin resistance and acne for sometime, and basis your acupressure treatment and the medicines provided by you, I have been seen a very positive change in my hormonal issues. I feel less emotional, I am mentally calmer and my menstrual cycle is also easier.
  3. Also, I feel that my weight issues maybe because of thyroid, and that also has been detected through your acupressure treatment. The pain in my thyroid point evidences that it is possible I have a sluggish thyroid system.

Overall I feel immensely benefited by your treatment. You are patient, kind and your diagnosis of the patient’s problems is fantastic. I feel that definitely you will resolve my hip problem and my hormonal issues from the root and I will be completely ailment free. I have tremendous faith in your medicinal capabilities.

Looking forward to the balance part of the treatment. Many thanks and lots of success with your future patients.



I am suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), since 1 year. I contacted The Charak Centre and after Nadi-pariksha, Dr. Sathe suggested SHIRODHARA & TAKRA-BASTI. After taking the treatment, I got very much energetic & fresh. My symptoms have reduced and my quality of life has improved.

I thank Dr. Ninad Sathe, Mangesh & all the staff of Charak Centre.


Overall experience going through this treatment was very good and supportive. Dr. Shweta Sutar is very polite, and she knows how to understand and get the information from the patient regarding disease they are suffering from.

Very supportive in terms of time and problem solving.

When I started treatment at Charak in October and now there is much improvement in me, my hyperacidity problem is resolved almost 80% because of treatment by Dr. Shweta Sutar.

Service delivered at Charak Clinic was excellent.

Thank you very much.



This is to state and declare that I, the undersigned Shri Trikam V Patel, age about 71 yrs resident of A-2/7, GIDC Colony, Umbergaon, Dist:- Valsad have taken Ayurvedic Therapic treatment for my both knees- Osteoarthritis. Prior to treatment I was not able to step up stair case because of acute pain in my knees, even long distance walk was difficult due to pain. There was also swelling at knees & ankles.

I took 15 days treatment in the “Charak Health Centre” located at 43, Kapoor mansion Huges Road, Grant road, Mumbai under leadership of Dr. Pande. Now, I am very comfortable and there is no pain in knees the swelling at knees and ankles have been reduced to greatest extend. As per my experience, the best available therapic treatment has been rendered to me to cure the pain.


I feel 80% relief in the pain & now able to walk & step up staircase comfortably.

I sincerely thank to Dr. Pande and therapist including other staff to render best treatment to me


Place:- Umbergaon

Date:- 27/06/2016